Is it Safe to Clean Your Own Dryer Vent? - An Expert's Guide

Cleaning the duct of a dryer is not a difficult task, but it is important to do it regularly to ensure your dryer is running efficiently and safely. To make sure your clothes are drying properly and that you are reducing the risk of home fires, it is recommended that you clean the dryer vent at least once a year. For families and intensive users, this should be done every six months, and if you have pets, twice a year. The lint that accumulates in the ventilation grille not only causes clothes to take longer to dry, but it can also be a fire hazard.

To really expand your reach, you can purchase a dryer duct cleaning kit on Amazon. Standard kits come with flexible rods that allow you to crawl up to 12 feet into the duct. To ensure they stay connected, cover each connection with electrical tape. The kit also comes with a rotating brush that must be entered first.

At the back, you'll place an electric drill on the rod that's near you. The usual advice is to pull out the vent brush about once every 12 months to make sure the dryer vent is in great shape. However, if you have pets that shed or a large family that requires your electric or gas dryer to be in constant use, you should count on additional cleaning throughout the year. Regularly cleaning the dryer's vents helps remove lint and other debris that obstructs the dryer's performance. In addition to doing regular maintenance cleaning, you'll also need to thoroughly clean the dryer grille if it gets clogged. To clean the ventilation grille of a dryer, all you need is a vacuum with a long hose and a brush to remove persistent lint from the ventilation grille.

If the ventilation grille gets clogged and isn't cleaned, you could run the risk of the dryer overheating, which can cause a fire fairly quickly. To reduce how often you need to clean the dryer grille, reduce the amount of dust and lint in and around the dryer. If your clothes consist mainly of bulky clothes, it is recommended that you clean the dryer vent several times a year. After cleaning, don't forget to put back on any outdoor vent covers as you don't want any animals entering the dryer duct. You can also use an anemometer to check the performance of the dryer vent exhaust. Not only will this help you keep the dryer vent clean, but it will also keep the entire dryer running smoothly, improve drying time of clothes, and decrease the risk of home fires. Cleaning your own dryer vent is an easy DIY task that shouldn't take more than an hour or so.

To ensure your clothes are drying efficiently and safely, make sure to clean your dryer vent regularly. With just a few simple steps and some basic tools, you can keep your home safe from fire hazards while making sure your clothes are drying properly.

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